What Else????

The SVCP is full of people with diverse interests but if you've got a viable idea then we'll roll with it. To the left are a few things we've got up to over time.

A few of us fancied the idea of setting up a Border Morris side and we did a few dance outs but commitments meant that we rarely had a full side and eventually we gave up. Those keen enough went off to join Otter Border Morris as experienced dances, so things worked out ok. If anyone fancies having a go at their own side in Sidmouth, get in touch, we still have sticks and sure there's some bells somewhere.

The SVCP is also a very social organisation, and we have two regular events during the year. 

The Tarka line is a local railway line from Exeter to Barnstaple serving small villages along the way and once a year we 'inspect' the line to ensure that all the hostelries are in full working order and of adequate standard. This usually takes all day and for those adventurous enough, you can earn a tee shirt! 

Expanding on the Tarka line is the Christmas Pudding Club, where the inspection is for a whole weekend somewhere in the country, hostelries not only being checked for the quality of their liquid sustenance, but also their Christmas Pudding. Of course, we also do this during the summer!

Just for the record, we also have access to two sets of Rapper Swords, and anyone wanting to have a go or start a side should get in touch.

Other things that have been thrown across the table but just need support, reviving tar barrel rolling in Sidmouth (not the same as Ottery) and a Krampus display.