Cast in order of appearance

Old Father Christmas Henry Piper

Father Collins the baker Keith Hudson

Mother Mrs Collins Cath Nettleton

Eve Collins Kath Morton

Children Aiden, Autumn, Ismay, Tommy, Connor, Ella

Kaiser Lewis Hanson

Austria Russ Smith

Tzar Tony Rogers

Joffre Cec Hardy

Belgium John Gregory

Mummers: Prince George - Keith, Turkish Knight - Barry, Nelson - Lewis, Prince of Or - John F, Doctor - Russ, King James - Alex, Johnny Jack - Marc

Vicar John Gregory

Soloist: Make a Man of you Eileen Conn

Recruiting Sergeant John Flanagan

Johnny Jack Marc Colson

Squire's Daughter Colette Hudson

Adam Alex Morton

Grandma Gill Smith

Kitty Ruth Lewis

Elizabeth Tanya Rees

Mary Chris Hardy

Airman Barry Morton

1st Stretcher Bearer (Buxton) Cec Hardy

2nd Stretcher Bearer Tony Rogers

Publican Russ Smith

Woman with white feather Tanya Rees

Squire Brian Lewis

Siegfried Sassoon Lewis Hanson

Tom John Flanagan

Soloist: Keep the home fires burning Nancy Meech

How we made the logo

The inspiration came from an illustration in a book called "When this bloody war is over - Soldiers songs of the First World War" by Max Arthur. The soldier at the Front is thinking about his family back home.

In our play, Johnny Jack is thinking about home, his friends in the Mummers play – and the Squire's daughter.

So, we took a photo of Sidmouth beach and the cliffs, added some clouds, added a photo of Johnny Jack, then added photos of Prince George and the Squire's daughter.