Getting ready for 2019

After a quiet time at the start of the year, again no Burns Night this year, we're getting ready for our first outing on the 22nd April, Easter Monday, to celebrate St Georges Day a day early, well it's when there are more people about. The giant has to be taken out, dusted down, few modifications done before he's ready to go and a quick road test. There has to be a play, the fire breathing dragon tested, words to learn and forget, and the usual fun of trying to get, and keep, a cast together.


There's also an AGM to run, 28th April 2019 in the Balfour, Sidmouth 8pm if you want to see what we get up to, and the Folk Week play to get underway, once we've put out the burning script after St Georges Day. This year the folk week play is King Arthur, but resident playwright Barry is keeping the script contents under wraps for the present, stops scaring people off!!


For folk week we'll also be debuting our new giant and may have a few visiting ones, keep checking back to see what we're up to.